Deny hosts

Simply removing th IP from /etc/hosts.deny does not work since DenyHosts keeps track of the attempts in the /usr/share/denyhosts/data directory.
Stop DenyHosts
# /etc/init.d/denyhosts stop
Remove Your IP From /etc/hosts.deny
# vi /etc/hosts.deny
Delete IP address. Save and close the file.
Remove the IP from /usr/share/denyhosts/data Directory
# cd /usr/share/denyhosts/data
You need to edit the following files using vi and remove the lines containing the IP address. Save the file.

hosts hosts-restricted hosts-root hosts-valid users-hosts
If the IP is static, add it to allowed-hosts file.
Any IP address that appears in this file will not be blocked by default (consider this as a whilelist):
# echo ‘x.x.x.x’ >> allowed-hosts
or put the IP directly here: ./var/lib/denyhosts/allowed-hosts
Start DenyHosts
# /etc/init.d/denyhosts start