systemd and mounting

I want to mount lvdisk to directory /lvdisk
Inside /etc/systemd/system I will create the file:
# vi lvdisk.mount
Description = my test mount
What = /dev/vgdisk/lvdisk
Where =/lvdisk
Type = xfs

WantedBy =

(I can copy as exemple of mounting from/usr/lib/systemd/system)
To mount the disk I have to run:
# systemctl start lvdisk.mount
Make sure that will come back after reboot:
# systemctl enable lvdisk.mount

Part191 – Managing Automount in a systemd Environment
Must create a mount file for a disk which I want to be mounted automatically when is used.
First I have to be sure that the mount is stoped, disabled:
# systemctl disable lvdisk.mount
# systemctl stop lvdisk.mount
# mount | grep lvdisk
Create a automount file which have the name: directoryName.automount
The lvdisk is directoryName, so the file will be:
# lvdisk.automount
Description = lvdisk automount

Where = /lvdisk

WantedBy =

Is important that the name of automount file is matching the name of corresponding of the mount file.
Now I can enable and start automount
# systemctl enable lvdisk.automount
# systemctl start lvdisk.automount
Can use this option or the one discussed before, but this is the future.